1998 - Exposure to family business. Learning the ropes at a young age.


1999 - First business buying and selling mobile phones. First to market with Nokia 8850 in locality.


2003 - Second business. Mobile valeting, serving the golden triangle outside of London. Start regular travel abroad exploring new ideas.


2006 - First successful exit. Business sold to larger company, move on with new setup in Dubai. First international business.


2008 - Growing during financial crisis and building global network. Travel extensively through Asia, Middle East & Europe.


2009 - Expanded Dubai business and setup various new industries. Find new opportunities in Germany & Switzerland.


2011 - Tenth successful startup. Enjoy frequent travel around the world. Most major countries covered with vast business network.


2015 - Focus shifts back to UK market after gaining experience in key global hubs such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Dubai & EU.


2018 - Successfully raised $39m in storage protocol startup in Silicon Valley. Over 60 flights in 9 months, expanding network.


2019 - Continue growth and exploring the world. Commerical real estate in the UK and small venture investments. Researching expansion for incubator, spefically to support minorities in the UK.


2020 - New projects on the horizon.